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Types of Tests and Measures

Before you start looking for tests and measures, it is important to understand the differences between "published" and "unpublished" tests and measures.

  • Published (commercial) measures are tests and measures that are available for purchase from commercial and other sources and can generally only be used with permission. Many well known tests fall into this category. Tests and measures covered in the Mental Measurements Yearbook are in this category. While the Library can help you obtain some information about these measures, we generally cannot get the test itself. To do that you must contact the test publisher/vendor.
  • Unpublished (non-commercial) measures are not sold through a publisher or vendor and may be available in journal articles, government agency or research organization materials, and/or collected volumes.


Thanks to Robin Sinn at Milton S. Eisenhower Library, Johns Hopkins University, who allowed me to copy elements of her related LibGuide.