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TCNJ Scholars (Digital Repository): TCNJ Scholars Policy

TCNJ Scholars Policy


The purpose of TCNJ Scholars, an institutional repository, is to preserve and showcase the intellectual output of an academic community. TCNJ Scholars will provide open access to that work, as broadly as possible, and for as long as possible. 

Who Can Participate

Any TCNJ faculty can add their work to TCNJ Scholars. Departments, schools, centers, and other TCNJ units may also publish their content in TCNJ Scholars.


Any original scholarly, creative, or professional work is eligible for inclusion in TCNJ Scholars. Contributors (e.g., individual faculty members, department, program) will work with Library staff to discuss types of content they will add to TCNJ Scholars collections. Work created while affiliated with another institution also may be included. Examples of possible content are:

  • Published articles
  • Conference presentations
  • Datasets shared for public access
  • Student works (with faculty/department sponsorship)

What content is appropriate and allowed for inclusion in the IR may be contingent on applicable copyright policies and technical feasibility (for example, supported file formats).

Submission Agreement and Copyright

Transfers of copyright do not occur through inclusion of your content in TCNJ Scholars. You are only granting TCNJ a non-exclusive license to make your content widely and freely available in an open access repository. For published materials, TCNJ Scholars will accept only versions that are allowed within applicable copyright laws, and will create metadata-only entries when legal versions of the full text are not available. TCNJ Library can assist with checking publisher copyright policies for published materials. Any other questions, however, including the validity and authenticity of the content of your material, cannot be checked by Library staff. If we receive evidence of copyright infringement or any other legal violations, the relevant item will be removed immediately.

Under U.S. copyright law,* each co-author holds copyright in a joint work and, individually, has the right to grant non-exclusive permission to distribute the work for non-commercial purposes without checking with the co-author(s). (It would be up to the co-author, however, to decide whether to accommodate a co-author when any disagreement may be expected).

Students making submissions to the IR will be additionally asked to consent to sharing their works publicly to comply with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) regulations.

Restricting, Removing, or Updating a Work

TCNJ Scholars is a permanent open access repository. Once included, works will be viewable by a worldwide audience and remain in the IR even if their authors are no longer affiliated with TCNJ. However, contributors may choose to limit access to some material in part, in whole, or only within the campus network. You may also choose to limit access to your material for a designated period. In addition, under special circumstances, authors may request that TCNJ Scholars remove a work, or a specific version of a work. Authors may also provide an updated version for posting in TCNJ Scholars. 

Preservation Efforts

TCNJ Library is committed to preserving TCNJ Scholars content and ensuring continued readability. We will make the best efforts to migrate content to new technological formats and platforms when and if the obsolescence of current technologies makes it necessary to do so.

Parties who wish to contest the inclusion of specific items in TCNJ Scholars may e-mail their notice to


*See for example Stanford’s Copyright & Fair Use website.


Last updated 08-25-2017