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TCNJ Scholars (Digital Repository): Home

About TCNJ Digital Repository

The College of New Jersey Digital Repository is a digital library service that combines the features of a digital archive and TCNJ Scholars. The repository provide a place to collect, manage, preserve, and facilitate access to the College's scholarly output, special collections, and archival materials.

Why should I contribute my content to TCNJ Scholars?

TCNJ Scholars serves as a showcase of the intellectual output of TCNJ faculty, staff, and students. This central, open access repository is available for viewing by a wide audience, including potential students and faculty, College partners and funding agencies, and other academic colleagues. Benefits for participating in TCNJ Scholars include but are not limited to:

  • Increased visibility for your works: Your work is recognized as scholarly in nature through TCNJ Scholars and gets top results in Google and other search engines.
  • Easy sharing of your works with colleagues and students: Your work is quickly and legally disseminated through TCNJ Scholars in compliance with copyright laws and policies. 
  • Institutional context and recognition: Your work is included alongside research by other TCNJ contributors, collectively showing that the College is a premier academic institution where high-caliber scholarship and research are conducted by faculty and students. TCNJ Scholars will be providing TCNJ-branded content online to a worldwide audience.

For more information

For more information about the TCNJ Scholars policy, license, copyright, and supported file formats, please refer to other online guides linked from this page. You are also welcome to e-mail us at