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Scholarly Credentials Toolkit for TCNJ Faculty: Google Scholar and Google Scholar Citations

track your scholarly productivity; get help with reappointment, tenure, and promotion applications

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Article Impact: Google Scholar

Google Scholar incorporates a cited reference search. Search the database for the journal article in question. Once found, look for "Cited by X" within the bibliographic citation. Click the link to see citations for articles and other works — books, book chapters, conference proceedings, and born digital scholarship — that cite the article in question. Then try "Search within citing articles."

Article Impact: Google Scholar Citations

Google introduced a "limited launch" of Google Scholar Citations on July 20, 2011. Later that year, on November 16, the company opened up the service to anyone interested in creating a profile. Like the more traditional Web of Science (WOS and SCOPUS, Google Scholar Citations tracks journal articles that cite previously published journal articles. Unlike the others, however, Google Scholar Citations tracks a range of scholarly works that include conference proceedings and books.

Click here to create your own Google Scholar Citations profile. An author will not have a profile with Google unless they have taken it upon themselves to create one. Determine if your author has created a profile by Googling them (e.g. <David C. Murray "Google Scholar Citations">).

In the sciences, ORCID offers a "persistent digital identifier" that distinguishes one scholar from another, but scholars must individually register with the service. ResearcherID offers a similar service. For more information about author profiles, see the Looking for a Scholars's Profile? page of this guie.

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