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FSP: Sequential art & the storytelling space: Scholarly Journal Articles

What is a Scholarly Journal?

You can identify a scholarly journal by the following features:

  • Purpose - to inform, report, or make original research available to other researchers.
  • Authors/Publishers - written by scholars or researchers in the field. Articles are peer reviewed by other experts in the field before being published by a professional organization.
  • Sources - include extensive documentation to previously published research (footnotes, reference lists, bibliographies, etc.)
  • Language - use terminology/jargon and the language of the discipline covered.
  • Format - have serious formats. May contain graphs and charts to illustrate concepts.
  • Examples - Annals of Microbiology, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Physiology, Physics Letters
  • Library research tutorial

    For more help on finding journal articles, take a look at the "Find Articles" module of the library research tutorial. It only takes about 15 minutes to work through this and it could save you hours in the long term!

    What is a Scholarly Journal Article?

    Journal Articles

    TCNJ subscribes to over 150 databases!  Here are some recommendations for "The Postmodern Superhero"

    Large full text collection.  Covers a variety of topics across many disciplines.  You can limit your results to scholarly articles.


    "Provides access to over 120 academic journals.  Indexes books and other primary sources.  Subject strengths are African-American studies, anthropology, Asian studies, ecology, economics/finance, general science, history, literature, math/statistics, philosophy, political science, population/demography, and sociology."

    Literature Resource Center(Gale)

    "Full-text articles from scholarly journals and literary magazines are combined with critical essays, work and topic overviews, full-text works, biographies, and more to provide a wealth of information on authors, their works, and literary movements. "

    Modern Language Association International Bibliography (MLA)

    "This database is a classified listing and subject index of scholarly books and articles on modern languages, literatures, folklore and linguistics which has been compiled by the Modern Language Association of America since 1926."

    Communication & Mass Media Complete

    Providesa strong research solution in areas specifically related to communication and mass media.  The front-end uses the familiar EBSCO Host platform.  


    Comprehensive and systematic coverage of the psychological literature.  A "must use" for any topic with a psychological focus.  Also a member of the EBSCO Host "family" of databases.


    Is My Article Scholarly?

    Already found an article and want to know if the journal is peer reviewed/scholarly?

    Check here:

    Ulrich's Periodical Directory

    Look for the tiny referee shirt next to the journal name or check under "document type"."





    Find a Copy of the Article

    If you are searching a fulltext database the entire article may be available for download, email, or to print out. If so, click on the link for the article.

    Not all articles are available as fulltext through the web, however. Some articles can only be found in printed journals that the library owns. These are generally located in Current Periodicals (Level 2), if they were published within the last year or so, or in Bound Periodicals (Lower Level).

    If you have a journal article citation, you need to check whether TCNJ subscribes to the journal in electronic or print format. You can check this by doing a search for the journal title.

    If the library does not own a copy of the journal, you can submit an Interlibrary Loan Request.