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Chemistry: Home

This Guide is to help you find chemistry resources

Finding Chemical Information

Chemical Literature is Historically Classified into Three Types of Sources written by Dr. David Hunt and updated by Valerie Tucci

1.  Primary Sources

     Journals or Periodicals

     Technical Reports - Government or Industry

     Patents - U.S. or Foreign


2.  Secondary Sources

     Periodicals (Reviews) - Chemical Reviews, Chemical Society Reviews

     Abstracting and Indexing Sources - Chemical Abstracts (SciFinder Web), Web of Science

     Handbooks, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias - CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics,

     Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology

     Data Collections - Beilstein and Gmelin - now online as Reaxys

     Treatises and Monographs


3.   Tertiary Sources

     Catalogs - Sigma-Aldrich, Lancaster Synthesis, Alfar Aesar, Acros Organics