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FYS 161: Social Justice, Past and Present

"...we will study texts about and from the past for how they may or may not illumine our present..." (syllabus)

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Click here for a list of over 500 books held by Gitenstein Library about Social justice. Topics covered include democracy, education, food, gender and women's rights, globalization, health care, race, and many others. Additional subject headings:

Find primary sources

Use the Primary Sources libguide to find "historical" sources for your "Final group research project" (syllabus).

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Reference books

Finding and evaluating library resources and open websites for college work can be difficult. The solution? Consult one or more of the reference works listed in this box to quickly and efficiently find exactly what you need!

Two of the encyclopedias listed below are made available from Internet Archive, a non-profit library unaffiliated with Gitenstein Library. Consult these books by creating an Internet Archive account. "Borrow for 1 hour"—plenty of time to consult an encyclopedia. If you need more time, renew for an additional hour.

Library databases

The following Gitenstein Library databases provide access to magazine, newspaper, and journal articles (and reports).

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More news

The following news sources are listed by Dr. Chazelle on your syllabus.

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