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This guide is your portal to research resources and services for off-site graduate programs in the TCNJ School of Education



EDFN 508/Introduction to Research: Data-Based Decision Making 3 cr.
This course examines basic research design, library and computer search strategies, and certain statistical concepts. Emphasis is on understanding and interpreting research studies.The course provides students with the opportunity to design an education-based study on an issue or topic of personal relevance and professional practice.
EDUC 510/Exploration of Classroom Inquiry 3 cr.
Through readings, discussions, journaling, written assignments, and other activities, this course explores the history, philosophy, and practice of “teacher research” as a field. Through exploration of such questions as “What does teacher research look like?” and “What does teacher research mean for teachers?” the course prepares students to identify personal beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions while formulating their own inquiryquestions. Learning goals include: 1) exploration and evaluation of major examples of classroom and teacher research theory and practice; 2) examination of assumptions and beliefs about teaching and their relationship to student learning, teacher knowledge, education reform, andschool culture; and 3) development of a research agenda and critical perspective related to teaching practice.

EDUC 601/Modes of Inquiry and Research 3 cr.
Expanding on work from EDUC 510, this course prepares students to develop the skills and dispositions needed to begin planning their own teacher research project, set within their own classroom context or educational setting. Students work individually, and in collaborative groups, to develop research plans for a project designed to address personal questions about teaching practice. Learning goals include: 1) understanding the relationship between research questions and methodology; 2) development of a research question and action plan for classroom inquiry-based study that students will conduct in their own school settings; and 3) development of personal and critical research skills as teacher-researcher and leader.

EDUC 602/Inquiry in Practice 3 cr.
This third course in the Research Core (following EDUC 510 and 601) guides students through the major phases (and predictable obstacles) of conducting a classroom-based teacher research project as well as a culminating presentation of findings, implications for teaching, and emerging questions. Emphasis is on collecting, analyzing, and writing about teacher research data, experiences, and discoveries. Learning goals include: 1) development of research skills related to writing professional-quality classroom-based research; 2) development of a “Poster Session” presentation of teacher research project; and 3) examination of the practical implications of research on multiple levels: classroomwide, schoolwide, and systematic.

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