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LIT 317 (The Witch In Literature) and LIT 499 (The Witches of Salem 1692): Home

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Course Description and Guide Introduction

Course Description: "The witch has been a figure in literary history since the beginning of time. Who is she, and what does she embody? Who creates her, and to what end? This course will explore the socio-historical constructions of this figure and trace her through a wide spectrum of literary texts, including legal and historical treatises, fairy tales, short stories, drama, film, children's literature, poetry, and even cartoons. Ultimately, we will analyze the literary cultures which have persisted in creating, recreating, and reviving this timeless, powerful, and equally feared character throughout the ages."

Research Guide Introduction: Use this research guide to find reference materials; scholarly books, journal articles, and other secondary works; and primary source documents that relate to the witch in history and literature.

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