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FSP 161: Digital Divide Assignment: Getting Started

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Spend some time thinking about the keywords that best describe your topic. Consider things such as:

  • Synonyms
  • Related terms
  • Alternate spellings
  • Abbreviations

While it is possible to type a whole question into Google and, it is not an effective way to search databases or the library catalog.

For more information on Keywords, look at the LINKS Tutorial - Module 2. 


Use Reference Sources to:

   * Get a quick overview on a topic
   * Find facts fast
   * Lead you to additional resources

Why can't you just Google?

What is a Scholarly Journal Article?

What is a Scholarly Journal?

You can identify a scholarly journal by the following features:

  • Purpose - to inform, report, or make original research available to other researchers.
  • Authors/Publishers - written by scholars or researchers in the field. Articles are peer reviewed by other experts in the field before being published by a professional organization.
  • Sources - include extensive documentation to previously published research (footnotes, reference lists, bibliographies, etc.)
  • Language - use terminology/jargon and the language of the discipline covered.
  • Format - have serious formats. May contain graphs and charts to illustrate concepts.
  • Examples - Annals of Microbiology, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Physiology, Physics Letters
  • Subject Guide

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