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Statistical Resources: Data Visualization Tools

This LibGuide will assist you in identifying international, national, state and local statistical sources.

Google Public Data

Google Public Data provides visual representation through graphics of U.S. and international data.  A few samples dealing with New Jersey are listed below:

Violent Crime Rates in New Jersey

New Jersey Population

GOOD Transparency Graphics


Gapminder displays data from 430 social indicators (demographics, heath, environment and much more) in graphs that move the data over time periods. Either browse data or use search box in upper right-hand corner.

200 Years That Changed The World

"200 years ago, all countries were poor and life expectancy was less than 40 years.  In the 1800s, health only improved in a few countries, but today no country have less than 40 years in life expectancy."

IMF Data Mapper

IMF Data Mapper allows the visualization of data from some of the IMF's major sources, including World Economic Outlook, Balance of Payment Statistics, Government Finance Statistics, AFR Regional Economic Outlook, and Joint IMF-OECD Statistics. Choose from around 80 different indicators, such as GDP, inflation rate or unemployment rate. You can also display data for specific countries, regions, or analytical groups, such as the Euro area or emerging and developing economies.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a unique free search engine that converts searches into graphical and tabular data.  What does it cover? The Examples by Topic shows the range of data it can compute.  Below are links to a few samples pertaining to New Jersey:

New Jersey - General Statistics

New Jersey Crime

Unemployment Rates

Be sure to check out the source information link at the bottom of the page to see where the data came from.

Maps with Stats

In the National Atlas Map Maker, you can assemble, view, and print your own maps with statistical data from a variety of subject areas: