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Artists' Books

research artists' books, artistic photography, concrete poetry, paper art, photobooks, pop art, zines, and more

Humanities Librarian

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David C. Murray
TCNJ Library,
Room 216
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Guide Introduction

Use this libguide to research artists' books and related topics such as concrete poetry, paper art, photobooks, pop art, and zines. I created this guide to accompany the exhibition Stay: A Survey of Horses Think Press (2016), curated by Christopher Gianunzio—former TCNJ Art Gallery Director—and gallery staff.

Questions? Wish to meet with the Art Librarian? Use the links in the Guide Author box to contact me and/or schedule your research consultation.

artists' books

"In the later 1960s and through the 1970s artists frequently turned to the book as a form suited to expressing ideas too complex for a single painting or sculpture. Dianne Vanderlip, to whom the term is credited, organized the exhibition Artists Books at the Moore College of Art, Philadelphia in 1967. International in scope, it consisted of works by major contemporary artists. Books could assume sculptural form as a pop-up book, or they might be investigations of the very nature of the book itself" (The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms, Oxford Art Online).


Covers by Ofer Wolberger
Published by Horses Think Press (2012)