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The Signal Archive Online

This is a guide demonstrating how to search and navigate The Signal Archive Online, inside TCNJ's digital repository.


The Signal Archive Online can be found at  The Signal Archive Online is part of a much larger digital repository.  When searching the Signal, it is important to search only The Signal and not the entire repository to avoid unwanted search results.  As seen in the screen shot below, use the box circled in green, not the one crossed out in red.

All of the issues are full text searchable and use a keyword search.  Search this collection


The results of the search, will show text that appears in the signal containing your search term.  The words in the results may not make sense in the order they appear because all of the text from the newspaper are displayed from left to right, with no regard for column breaks that appear in the paper.  To access the full article, click on the thumbnail image.  This works even if the thumbnail image is listed as unavailable.



Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to the page for the specific issue you are interested in.  The only way to access the specific article you want is to open or download the PDF.  Click on the link for the PDF located under the words View/Open.  



From here you can open / view the PDF of the entire issue with your usual PDF reader and search for text as you normally would.