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The Signal Archive Online

This is a guide demonstrating how to search and navigate The Signal Archive Online, inside TCNJ's digital repository.

The Signal Archive Online

The Signal Archive Online is currently TCNJ's largest digital archival collection and will grow to contain all issues of The Signal beginning with issue number 1 from 1885 and continuing on through the present.  

The Signal is one of the older student newspapers in the country, and among the oldest collegiate weeklies. Starting as a literary publication, it evolved from being a booklet to a full news publication with different sections covering a variety of campus events.


1) How do I access and search The Signal Archive Online?

The Signal Archive Online can be found at  For instructions on searching and browsing please visit the Searching and Browsing tab of this guide.

2) I see the text I am looking for in the search results, but when I click on it, it doesn't take me there.

While the search results show what is in the text, the only way to access the full article is by downloading the PDF for the issue.  Click on the link to the PDF under the text View/Open and the PDF file will either download or open in your browser depending on your settings.  Once inside the PDF, you will need to search for your desired article again using the search function inside your PDF reader.  For more information please visit the Searching and Browsing tab of this guide.

3) The issue/year I want to access does not seem to be available.

Every issue held at TCNJ is being scanned, but the effort is still ongoing.  We hope to complete the effort by 2018.  If the year you are looking for is not online, contact a librarian at ASK-A-LIBRARIAN and someone will assist you in access the information you need in another way.

4) Where are the issues from the 1920's? 

The Signal was not published between May 1920 and December 1929.  The May 1920 issue states that the paper was stopped for financial reasons.

5) These PDFs are huge!  How can I get a copy of just one article?

The easiest way is to take a screen shot of the article you want and save that as JPEG.  

6) Can you help me identify this person/location in an image I found in The Signal?

Unfortunately, probably not, but we can try.  You can contact us at ASK_A_LIBRARIAN for assistance and we will do our best.

7) I have other questions that were not answered by this FAQ.  How can I get help?

You can contact us at ASK_A_LIBRARIAN for assistance