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BUS 200: Legal & Regulatory Environment of Business: Finding Cases; Legal & Political Analysis

Created by Dana Gordon, Acting Business & Economics Librarian, Spring 2010; updated by Terrence Bennett , Spring 2020

Legal reference resources in print

Listed below is a selection of authoritative legal reference works available in TCNJ Library

Finding Cases; Legislative Information; Legal & Political Analysis

Find cases and supplemental information, including legal and political analysis:

HeinOnline’s Government Politics and Law for Academics:

  • After connecting to HeinOnline, select the database by category (e.g. "Case Law") or by database name (e.g. "U.S. Federal Legislative History Library") that's most relevant to your topic.
  • To find a specific case by name, just type one or more parties' names into the search box (for example: Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Inc.) and click Search.
  • From the results list, use the left-side menu to limit your results to a specific collection (such as US Supreme Court Library).
  • To find a case by citation, choose the Citation tab above the search box, and then enter the citation (for example: 127 S.Ct. 2162 or 550 U.S. 618).
  • To search for information about specific area of the law, select the Full Text tab above the search box, and enter relevant search terms (e.g. wage AND "gender gap") and run your search. Refine your results from the left-side menu on the results page.
  • You can further refine your results by selecting the Search within Results icon, and adding additional words or phrases.

Westlaw Next Campus Research:

  • After connecting to the database, it may be more efficient to browse or drill down to the appropriate content area before starting your search.
  • To find a specific case by party name, just type one or more parties' names into the search box (for example: Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Inc.), change the jurisdiction if necessary, and click Search.
  • To find a case by citation, just type the citation into the search box (for example: 127 S.Ct. 2162 or 550 U.S. 618)
  • To search for cases within a specific area of the law (corporations, labor & employment, product liability, environmental law, etc.), choose Cases from the main menu, then scroll down to Cases by Topic; after selecting a topic, refine your search with relevant words or phrases.
  • Search by keyword or phrase in American Law Reports (court cases decided on a particular point of law) or in American Jurisprudence (an encyclopedia of state and federal law)
  • Find law review articles (select Secondary Sources from the main menu; and then choose Law Reviews & Journals)

CQ Researcher  (via CQ Press Electronic Library):
With content updated daily, CQ Researcher is "the definitive reference resource for research in American government, politics, history, public policy, and current affairs". Reports include in-depth analysis of issues in the news, with extensive explanation, pro / con arguments, charts, references to additional authoritative sources, and more.

CRS Reports Reports from the Congressional Research Service (CRS, a division of the Library of Congress) are not directly available from government websites, but have been compiled elsewhere, including the Federation of American Scientists (;; and the University of North Texas digital library.

NGOs Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) can be an excellent source of in-depth research and analysis, as well as policy papers and recommendations for action or change. Duke University Libraries have created the NGO Research Guide, which includes an extensive compilation of more than 700 NGOs.

ProQuest Congressional:

  • Choose "Advanced Search", and then look for current bills, legislative histories, hearings and testimonies, political news, etc.
  • Or choose "Search by Number" to find known bills, statutes, public laws, or U.S. Code citations (legislative information from the Library of Congress):

Law Library of Congress:

National Archives -- public laws:

Legal Information Institute (Cornell Law School):
See the Supreme Court topic list to search for cases by topic.

The Oyez Project:
Includes transcripts (written and audio) of cases heard before the Supreme Court.  See the cases link to browse or search for cases.

New Jersey State LibraryResearch Guide to Law Resources

TCNJ Books

A small sample of titles related to a some possible themes for your current events group project is listed below. Search the TCNJ Library to find more books about this topic -- or about any other topic in support of your projects and research assignments.  The online catalog also can also be used to search for DVDs and videos, music, and links to e-books and online government publications.

A few books about corporate crime