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HIS 460: Internationalizing U.S. History

books required and recommended for Dr. McGreevey's Reading Seminar: Modern North America (Summer 2, 2020)

Access Note

The six books listed immediately below are required reading.

Titles listed in the bottom box come from two important book series recommended by Dr. McGreevey. Our library holds most titles from both series in print, but students cannot access physical books during the pandemic because the building is closed. Those two series are:

Publishers temporarily made most titles from both series available online due to the crisis precipitated by the coronavirus, but pulled many of them on 7/1/2020. As of this writing (7/5/20), several titles are still available as e-books (see below). For titles no longer (or never) available online, use interlibrary loan (ILL) to request desired chapter(s). Book chapters, not entire physical books, can be requested via ILL during the pandemic.

If you experience access problems, please email me: David Murray (Humanities Librarian)

Required Books

Cold War Civil Rights

e-book available (temporary access, COVID-19)


e-book available (held by Gitenstein library)

Out of Oakland

print only

Selected E-Books: Two Critical Series