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FSP 161/162 (Incarceration Nation) and LIT 499 (Life Sentences): Home

research guide for students enrolled in Dr. Tarter's FSP and senior seminar courses

FSP 161/162: Group Topics

Our Unique Brand of Incarceration

Racial Lines Behind Bars

Gender Disparity Behind Bars

Life In the Death House

Prisoners' Art and Writing Programs

LIT 499: Next Steps

LIT 499 students looking for a deeper dive into literary research methods and sources should check out my English libguide. For example, the Find Book Reviews page of that guide contains an extensive list of publications that offer both contemporary and historical reviews of literary memoirs. For information on how to find autobiographies, see the Find Books page of my Women's Autobiographies libguide.

Assignment Prompts

FSP 161/162: Assignment Prompt C. Individual and Group Research Project — "As a group, you are responsible for presenting your assigned topic or text to the class.... you and your group members are to investigate and research as many critical essays written on this topic or text as you can find; please note that the more research you locate, the better and stronger your presentation should prove to be [emphasis added]."

LIT 499: C. Research Presentation — "You and another class member will be assigned one of the class texts/topics for your research presentation.  On the day this is scheduled, you will be responsible for leading the discussion and critical analysis of this material. In preparation for your project, you are to investigate and research as many critical essays and books written on this piece (or its subject) as you can find, in order to present a diverse spectrum of scholarly interpretations to the class; the more critical sources, the better and stronger your presentation should prove to be [emphasis added]." Also required as part of your portfolio is "an Annotated Bibliography which documents your research for this project—a minimum of four (4) critical sources is required for each person, with no sharing or overlapping of sources.... 

D. Research Paper — "This 8-10 page paper will be the culmination of your work in research and critical thinking about the subject of prison literature. Stages of this writing assignment will include a Research Proposal with preliminary bibliography and an Annotated Bibliography.... you must draw from a diversity of critical sources, including scholarly books, articles, and even primary materials. You may not use more than one scholarly website for your research, and you are not to cite from any encyclopedias or book reviews. Overall, your research paper must cite a minimum of 8 critical/scholarly sources, and these should be contemporary works (written within the past 10-15 years)."

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