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Chinese History: Women, Gender, Family

use this guide to research the history of Imperial and Modern China

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Dr. Shao's FSP 164 course focuses on four major themes:

  • Women and the Family in Chinese Tradition
  • Chinese Women in Reform and Revolution
  • Love, Marriage, and Sexuality in Mao’s China
  • New Challenges in Women/Family life Post Mao

The following subject searches reveal books and other resources about women in the Chinese tradition; women's participation in political reform and revolution; domesticity, family, and marriage including the one-child policy; gender and sexuality; and women in post-Mao China. Remove the "History" subdivision from those searches that have it and then re-execute your search to find even more sources about that topic without the historical focus.

These subject heading combinations are not necessarily intuitive. Express your own combinations by mixing and matching main headings with subdivisions. Continue to limit your searches to terms in the subject field.


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