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POL 355: Political Economy of Natural Resources: Finding Articles

Finding Cases: Getting Started

Searching the scholarly literature will help you identify potential case studies. You will want to search databases in political science and public policy, as well as consider databases from fields such as economics, environmental studies, and law. To search these databases, I recommend working with combinations of keywords that address your resources, geographic location, causal variables, etc. The terms below are suggestions. If you find a great article on your chosen topic, look at the subject headings in the article and use those terms for future searches. If you are having trouble generating search terms for your specific interest, please consult a librarian or your professor.

  • Water (or oil, forest, fisheries, etc.)
  • Water management
  • Petroleum industry
  • Fisheries
  • Natural Resources
  • Decision making
  • Citizen participation
  • Privatization
  • Bureaucracy
  • Local government
  • Regulation
  • Development
  • Political Economy
  • Civil Society

Recommended Databases

Find Full Text

Many article records have the full text of the article attached to them. If you see "Search for Full Text" next to a article description in a database, don't be tempted to skip the article. Clicking "Search for Full Text" will search all of our databases, subscriptions, and catalog to see if we own that journal in electronic or print format. If we own the item in print, you can select "Send me an electronic copy" to have library staff scan the article for you. If the library does not own the item, we'll try to get it for you through Interlibrary Loan (click the request link). More info on ILL can be found at

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