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How To Find/Research Tips: Newspaper Articles

This guide provides tips on how to use a variety of Gitenstein Library resources and services.

How Do I Find Newspaper Articles?

Gitenstein Library can provide you with access to many different local, national and international newspapers. Depending on the newspaper, and its date of publication, it could be in one of many different formats: print, electronic, microfilm. AccessWorldNews is a good place to start. Some newspaper content may be available from the newspaper's own website. If we cannot provide you with access to the content of a newspaper from TCNJ's resources, you can always try our Interlibrary Loan service.

Finding Articles in Older Newspapers

For citations to older newspaper articles, consult the following printed indexes:

  • New York Times Index (1851 to present) Ref AI21 .N44
  • Personal Name Index to the New York Times Index (1851-1996) Ref CT104 .F3
  • Wall Street Journal Index (1973 to present) Ref HG1 .W258
  • Christian Science Monitor Index (1987 to present) Ref AI21 .C57
  • Index to the Times (London) (1960 to date) Ref AI21 .T46
  • The Trenton Times is full text back to 1993. (Note: There are no printed indexes for the Star Ledger or the Trenton Times. For full text, check microform holdings or ask a librarian.)


Individual major newspapers

Databases that aggregate multiple newspapers

Historical newspapers

TCNJ newspapers

If You Want to Search for Newspaper Articles on a Topic

Access World News (NewsBank) is a good starting point to find articles in many national and international, and some local, newspapers. The default search is within the United States. However, you can also choose from the Shortcuts list of local newspapers, or select "The World" to begin creating a customized list of newspapers to search, based on criteria such as state, country, or region of publication. In the search boxes, you need to supply keywords that best describe your topic of interest. Most newspaper articles retrieved will be full-text; years of coverage varies with each title.

Some general databases, such as Academic Search Premier, will also provide you with references to newspaper articles and, sometimes, full-text. There are details of more newspaper sources in a link under the Articles tab on the library home page.


If You Know the Title of the Newspaper

If you know the title of the newspaper then select the Journals button on the library home page. In the box, type the title of the newspaper, omitting: the, a, an, or their foriegn equivalents.