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Biological Journal Articles: Home

How to identify peer-reviewed, research and review articles.


This guide is based on a series of LibGuides originally created by Jillian Muller, Science Liaison Librarian, at Central Queensland University Library.

Ask a Librarian

What are journal articles?


Journals, also referred to as serials or periodicals, are published on an ongoing basis (e.g., monthly, quarterly, annually). 

Journals are made up of a series of volumes:

  • each volume may contain a number of issues
  • each issue of a journal will contain a range of journal articles by different authors.  A reference for a journal article is known as a journal article citation (see the box below).

 Journal articles are an important source of scientific information because:

  • most new research findings are published as journal articles 
  • journals are published frequently and are, therefore, more current than books or encyclopedias 
  • they can provide very detailed information on specific topics 

Journals can be published in print and electronically (the latter are sometimes known as e-journals). Some journals are published in both formats; using the Journals by Title link on the TCNJ Library Homepage, allows you to determine whether a particular journal is available at TCNJ. 

Understanding journal article citations