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MKT / PSY 365: Consumer Behavior: Conduct a Literature Review

Some books on how to conduct a literature review

How to Conduct a Literature Review: selected resources

Listed below are pointers to guides and tutorials, from other academic institutions, that offer insight on preparing a literature review. These guides, which are not specifically focused on accounting research, will help you understand the general requirements for preparing a thorough literature review. [In some cases, these guides might include instructions for accessing specific resources that are not available at TCNJ.]

If you need additional assistance with your literature review, be sure to contact the TCNJ library reference desk:

Literature Review Tutorial [American University (Washington, DC) Library]
A good text-based tutorial.  Includes a checklist to get started, a sample literature review, a discussion of what a literature review is not, and pointers to a comprehensive collection of additional resources.

The Literature Review: A Few Tips on Conducting It [University of Toronto]
Text only; a good, brief overview of the definition and purpose of a literature review.

Literature Reviews: an overview for graduate students [NCSU Libraries tutorial]
A brief video, with audio. From the tutorial description: "... a high-level overview of the literature review process. It covers concepts such as what is a literature review? What purpose do literature reviews serve in research? What should a student expect as part of the process of conducting a literature review?"

Literature Reviews [UNC-Chapel Hill Writing Center]
Text only; a good overview that “…will explain what literature reviews are and offer insights into the form and construction of literature reviews in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.”

 Literature Review Tutorial  [CQ University (Australia) Library tutorial]
A multimedia tutorial.  See the “Resources” tab for links to other useful websites.

Literature Review Online Tutorial [University of Southern Maine (Department of Environmental Science]
A text-based tutorial, with a pre-test to assess your current knowledge, and a brief assessment after each of four modules.

Conducting a Literature Review in Education and the Behavioral Sciences [Libraries of Adelphi University tutorial]
An interactive tutorial (with audio and video),  presented in four modules.

How to Write a Literature Review [UC Santa Cruz Library]:
A brief text-only overview; includes specific examples.

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