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MKT / PSY 365: Consumer Behavior: Writing Your Paper / Preparing Your Presentation

Presentation skills

Writing Your Paper


To save a lot of time in preparing and APA-formatted bibliography, look for the "create citation" feature in most article databases to capture your citations in APA format.

Writing Resources

TCNJ List of Citation and Style Guides

Other writing resources include the following:

Citation Management


RefWorks is a web-based program that allows you to easily collect, manage, and organize bibliographic citations by interfacing with databases. RefWorks also operates directly with MS Word, making it easy to import citations and incorporate them into your writing as properly formatted footnotes or parenthetical citations according to the style of your choice.

NOTE: The RefWorks providers themselves urge you to examine your citations carefully to make sure they are correctly imported and formatted. You may want to consult one of the Style Guides, such as those found above.

Presentation design