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MKT / PSY 365: Consumer Behavior: Find Articles

Identifying primary sources

As you search for articles about your topic, you may be required to include articles that contain either primary source material, or secondary source material, or both.  For clarification about the difference between primary sources and secondary sources, you may find it helpful to refer to another TCNJ LibGuide: Primary Sources.

Finding Journals at TCNJ

Does TCNJ Library have a journal you need? Find out here.

Finding full-text articles

If you don't see the "full text" of an article you want, click on "Find a Copy", or "Search For Full Text", to run a search across all of TCNJ's journal titles. If we don't subscribe to the journal in which your article is published, you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan (after entering your barcode on the online form, select "ILL Periodical Request" from the dropdown list).


You can remove a lot of the quesswork from the process of locating good articles by following one simple strategy: When you find just one relevant article, use the citations at the end of the article as a starting point to find more articles.  In other words, see whose work the author has referenced, and see if it may be useful for your work.

Finding articles

Business (marketing; consumer behavior; branding & advertising; demographic analysis)

ABI / Inform (ProQuest) - Articles on business, management and industry; includes peer-reviewed scholarly research.  Full-text coverage for more than half of included sources. Full-text coverage of The Wall Street Journal from 1984-present.

  • Change search interface from Basic to Advanced
  • Search for keywords and phrases (in Citation and document text), then use suggested search terms (or Subject terms from relevant results) to refine search
  • Sort results by type: scholarly journals, newspapers, trade publications, etc.
  • Sort results by relevance (or by date)
  • Includes full-text coverage of The Wall Street Journal from 1984-present (see direct link to WSJ below).

Business Source Premier (EBSCOhost) Another source for articles from scholarly journals, trade publications, and newspapers on business, management, companies and industries. Includes full-text coverage of the Harvard Business Review from 1922-present.

  • Change search interface from Basic Search to Advanced Search
  • Search for keywords and phrases, then use Subject terms from relevant results to refine search

Psychology, Sociology, and other social sciences (including consumer behavior; political attitudes; survey design; demographic analysis)

PsycINFO - This is the principle index to the international literature in psychology and related disciplines such as business, education, psychiatry, sociology, and social work. Coverage is from 1887-present. Provides citations to and abstracts from journals, books and book chapters, dissertations, and technical reports.

  • Change search interface from Basic Search to Advanced Search.
  • Search for keywords and phrases.
  • Sort results by type: academic journals, magazines, trade publications, etc. Sort results by relevance (or by date).
  • Use Subject terms from relevant results to refine search.

Social Sciences Full-Text (Wilson Web) - Provides indexing, abstracting, and selected full text to articles in over 350 leading English language periodicals covering anthropology, criminology, psychology, political science, women's studies, and sociology. Enter your search terms, and then in the Subject Area dialog box, select Social Sciences. Searches can be limited to peer reviewed, i.e., scholarly sources.

Sociological Abstracts - This is the principle index to the literature in sociology and related disciplines.  It is an international database that provides citations to and abstracts from journals, books, dissertations, and conference papers.

Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts (ASSIA) - covers health, social services, psychology, sociology, economics, politics, race relations and education.

Communications and media (including communication strategies; media markets; new media; advertising effectiveness)

Communication & Mass Media Complete - Provides quality research in areas related to communication and mass media.

ComAbstracts - Provides citations, abstracts, and selected full text from more than 60 scholarly journals in communications and related fields.

CIOS: Communication Institute for Online Scholarship - Contains a variety of services including an index to 27 key communication journals,  bibliographies, and access to the Electronic Journal of Communication, a fulltext, peer reviewed journal of scholarship.

Political Science

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts - Indexes over 1,200 journals.  For political attitudes and demographic analyses, try combining search terms that are relevant to your topic with the phrase "general social survey".

CQ Researcher  (via CQ Press Electronic Library):
With content updated daily, CQ Researcher is "the definitive reference resource for research in American government, politics, history, public policy, and current affairs". Reports include in-depth analysis of issues in the news, with extensive explanation, pro / con arguments, charts, references to additional authoritative sources, and more.

PAIS International:

Includes business, economics, international relations, political science, and other social sciences.  Materials indexed are from all over the world and include journal articles, statistical compilations, and research reports.

ProQuest Congressional:

  • Choose "Advanced Search", and then look for current bills, legislative histories, hearings and testimonies, political news, etc.
  • Or choose "Search by Number" to find known bills, statutes, public laws, or U.S. Code citations

Multidisciplinary (includes coverage in all of the subjects noted above)

Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost) - Multidisciplinary database that provides citations and abstracts to over 4,000 periodicals.  Approximately two-thirds of the articles are available fulltext. Searches can be limited to peer reviewed, i.e., scholarly sources.

Google Scholar - Find citations to scholarly articles (including law review articles), then retrieve the full text from TCNJ's journal collection (if available).  Note: if you connect to Google Scholar from off campus, be sure to enter via the Library's website in order to receive accurate information about TCNJ's holdings for items found in Google Scholar.

Wilson OmniFile - Full Text Mega Edition - Multidisciplinary database that provides citations and abstracts and full-text articles. Searches can be limited to peer reviewed, i.e., scholarly sources.


Trenton Times (1993-present, via Access World News)

Ethnic NewsWatch - A primarily fulltext collection of newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press. Includes news, editorials, reviews, culture and history from 200 publications. Searchable in both English and Spanish.

Wall Street Journal (1984-current via ABI/Inform).  Direct link to the WSJ works from TCNJ campus only; when logging in from off-campus, start with ABI/Inform (see link above) and select Wall Street Journal as the publication title

Regional Business News - Articles from business newspapers.

New York Times (current) (1980-present via ProQuest; includes articles from the New York Times Book Review and the Sunday Magazine)

  • Switch from Basic Search to Advanced Search
  • Input relevant search terms
  • To limit your results, scroll down to make selections from the list of document types, including reviews, editorials, and essays

Historical New York Times (1851 to 3 years from current date)

  • Change search interface from Basic to Advanced
  • Results can be viewed in excerpted detail ("page image") or in context -- select "page map" to see how the article originally appeared on the page

Access World News (News Bank) - Full-text access to U.S. national, state, and local newspapers, as well as international newspapers, news transcripts, and newswires. Includes full text of the Trenton Times from 1993-present, and of The New York Times from 2000-present, newsletters and journals.