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BIO 413: Microscopic Anatomy and Techniques: "How to" options

Finding an article for class bibliography.


Knowing the taxonomic classification for your critter will help you broaden your search for articles. Can't keep it straight? Take a look at the Catalogue of Life to see where your species fits into the taxonomic scheme. If you can't find enough information of the right kind on this species or even the genus to which it belongs, consider searching on terms moving up through the classifications (family, order, class, etc.) 

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"How to" options

Your assignment--provide a complete citation for a unique primary research article to contribute to the class bibliography. For brief definitions of terms, please see: Research articles (primary source)

Find a book with a bibliography of primary articles.

   Not as time-consuming as you might think.

Find a secondary (review) article with a bibliography of primary articles.

   Two-step process but fairly straightforward.

Search a database for primary research articles.

   Potentially more time-consuming than you would think.

Finding complete citation information.

   What to do if a potentially good citation includes an abbreviated journal title.