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The domain of SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND ADDICTION COUNSELING & SUBSTANCE AWARENESS COORDINATION IN THE SCHOOLS includes resources related to professional knowledge, skills, and practices necessary to work in a wide range of substance abuse and addiction counseling, treatment, and prevention programs, including those based in both school and mental health counseling settings.


COUN 551/Substance Abuse and Addiction: Individual, Family, and Society 3 cr.
The effects of alcohol and other drugs, as well as the effects of addiction in general, on the individual, family, and society are presented. Individ ual, familial, and societal attitudes and the reinforcement of drinking and drug use are examined. Basic knowledge and attitudes that are prerequisite to the development of competency in the professional treatment of substance use disorders are stressed.
COUN 552/Substance Abuse Education and Prevention 3 cr.
This course will help provide the groundwork for the prevention professional to implement a comprehensive program, supported by scientifically based prevention principles, that includes measurable goals, objectives, timelines, and an evaluative process. Prevention theory and strategies for educating the public about alcohol and other drug use, misuse, and abuse will be presented. The role of media in substance abuse prevention will be addressed. This course will discuss various aspects of culture in a broader sense to help professionals understand the relevance of culture in prevention-program planning.
COUN 553/Treating Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disorders 3 cr.
The purpose of this course is to facilitate the learning of specific techniques for counseling individuals and their families who are affected by substance abuse, chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. An emphasis will be placed on strategies for addressing the full spectrum of substance abuse problems from problematic use to abuse to dependence and addiction, with specific attention given to increasing students’ sensitivity to the diverse needs of substance abusing individuals who suffer from co-occurring medical and psychiatric disorders. The development of competency in the professional treatment of substance use and cooccurring disorders is stressed.
COUN 554/Substance Awareness Coordination in the Schools 3 cr.
This course addresses the needs of school personnel responsible for the coordination of substance awareness activities. The issues of education, prevention, and intervention with school-age youth affected with alcohol and drug problems are investigated. Specific programs and techniques for the appropriate developmental levels of school-age youth will be addressed. Current curricula, specific counseling techniques, family involvement, and referral sources will be addressed in accordance with the framework of approved school policy.

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