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Social and Cultural Diversity: Home

A Domain of Counselor Education


The domain of SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY includes studies that provide an understanding of the cultural context of relationships, issues, and trends in a multicultural society, including all of the following:
a. multicultural and pluralistic trends, including characteristics and concerns within and among diverse groups nationally and internationally;
b. attitudes, beliefs, understandings, and acculturative experiences, including specific experiential learning activities designed to foster students’ understanding of self and culturally diverse clients;
c. theories of multicultural counseling, identity development, and social justice;
d. individual, couple, family, group, and community strategies for working with and advocating for diverse populations, including multicultural competencies;
e. counselors’ roles in developing cultural self-awareness, promoting cultural social justice, advocacy and conflict resolution, and other culturally supported behaviors that promote optimal wellness and growth of the human spirit, mind, or body; and
f. counselors’ roles in eliminating biases, prejudices, and processes of intentional and unintentional oppression and discrimination.

Research Assistance

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