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A Domain of Counselor Education




The domain of MARRIAGE, COUPLE, AND FAMILY COUNSELING includes resources related to professional knowledge, skills, and practices necessary to address a wide variety of issues in the context of relationships and families.

TCNJ Courses

COUN 600 – Introduction to Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling and Therapy
This course is an introduction to and overview of the general field of marriage and family therapy.  The history of the movemen,t as well as a basic description of the major approaches to marriage and family therapy, are discussed. Professional issues such as research, ethics, and training are also included in the course content.

COUN 601 – Theory and Development of Family Systems
This course provides an in-depth experiential examination of current trends in family therapy theory development based on student presentations of their family of origin. Attention will be given to family life cycle, stages of family development, and modes of working with the systemic issues as they are identified in presentations.

COUN 602 – Assessment and Intervention in Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling and Therapy
This course will focus on theoretical concepts from the major theories of family systems therapy with an emphasis on assessment and treatment planning. Therapist skills in assessment and consultation will be discussed and simulated. Specific models of assessment will be learned and applied. Interventions based on assessments will be developed. Treatment planning, facilitating change, evaluation, termination, and follow-up of families will be presented.

COUN 603 – Laboratory in Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling and Therapy
Through skills-building exercises, video demonstrations, role-plays, simulations, and live case presentations, this course provides students with an intensive laboratory training experience in marriage and family therapy.  Opportunities to practice conceptual and intervention skills along the progressive phases of the treatment continuum are provided. Special issues and populations will be addressed and methods of treatment discussed.

COUN 604 – Couples in Relationship
This course examines the multiple issues specific to couples therapy and counseling in marriage and family therapy. Particular attention is given to the development of the couple relationship, current models of couple therapy, and problems specific to couple such as dual careers, substance abuse, infidelity, chronic illnesses, losses, divorce, and remarriage.  Problems and treatment of gay/lesbian couples and those in committed relationships will be addressed.

COUN 605 – Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy
This course examines ethical, legal, and professional issues unique to marriage and family therapy. Special attention is given to principles of ethical decision making, professional codes of ethics, ethical concepts, and considerations within the context of marriage and family therapy.  Legal concepts and sources, types of law, professional liability, risk management, and insurance are reviewed. Professional identifications and training, licensure and certifications, accountability, marketing, and research are discussed.

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