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Human Growth and Development: Home

A Domain of Counselor Education


The domain of HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT includes studies that provide an understanding of the nature and needs of persons at all developmental levels and in multicultural contexts, including all of the following:

a. theories of individual and family development and transitions across the life span;
b. theories of learning and personality development, including current understandings about neurobiological behavior;
c. effects of crises, disasters, and other trauma-causing events on persons of all ages;
d. theories and models of individual, cultural, couple, family, and community resilience;
e a general framework for understanding exceptional abilities and strategies for differentiated interventions;
f. human behavior, including an understanding of developmental crises, disability, psychopathology, and situational and environmental factors that affect both normal and abnormal behavior;
g. theories and etiology of addictions and addictive behaviors, including strategies for prevention, intervention, and treatment; and
h. theories for facilitating optimal development and wellness over the life span.