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A Domain of Counselor Education


The domain of GROUP WORK includes studies that provide both theoretical and experiential understandings of group purpose, development, dynamics, theories, methods, skills, and other group approaches in a multicultural society, including all of the following:
a. principles of group dynamics, including group process components, developmental stage theories, group members’ roles and behaviors, and therapeutic factors of group work;
b. group leadership or facilitation styles and approaches, including characteristics of various types of group leaders and leadership styles;
c. theories of group counseling, including commonalities, distinguishing characteristics, and pertinent research and literature;
d. group counseling methods, including group counselor orientations and behaviors, appropriate selection criteria and methods, and methods of evaluation of effectiveness; and
e. direct experiences in which students participate as group members in a small group activity, approved by the program, for a minimum of 10 clock hours over the course of one academic term.