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A Domain of Counselor Education


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The domain of CAREER DEVELOPMENT includes studies that provide an understanding of career development and related life factors, including all of the following:
a. career development theories and decision-making models;
b. career, avocational, educational, occupational and labor market information resources, and career information systems;
c. career development program planning, organization, implementation, administration, and evaluation;
d. interrelationships among and between work, family, and other life roles and factors, including the role of multicultural issues in career development;
e. career and educational planning, placement, follow-up, and evaluation;
f. assessment instruments and techniques relevant to career planning and decision making; and
g. career counseling processes, techniques, and resources, including those applicable to specific populations in a global economy.

TCNJ Courses

COUN 535/Career Counseling and Placement
Theories of career development, sources of occupational information, and methods of career counseling and assessment. Both theory and practical application of career counseling will be explored through lectures, class discussion, readings, writings, and projects. Students will have the opportunity to examine the various techniques and gain an understanding of their own

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