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Counseling Theory: Reference Books

Counseling Theory is in the domain of Helping Relationships.

Finding Reference Books

Need Reference Books?

Reference Books provide scholarly background information and topic overviews.


On the Library homepage:

  1. Choose the BOOKS& MEDIA tab.
  2. Click on the MORE SEARCH OPTIONS  button.
  3. Type in a keyword, and then select "Reference Collection" from the LIMIT TO list.


General Reference = Level 1. These books are excellent sources of content information for lessons plans.

Curriculum Reference = Level 2. These books are guides to K-12 teaching resources and research.


Library Map & Locations

Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Bibliographies

Finding E-Books Using the TCNJ Library Catalog

1. Choose the BOOKS & MEDIA tab on the Library homepage.

2.  Click on More Search Options.

3. Enter a keyword in the search box.

4.  Choose E-Books from the LIMIT TO menu.

TIP: On the Library homepage you will find a tab entitled Reference Sources. This will lead you to a range of online reference sources.