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Counseling Theory: Books/Catalog

Counseling Theory is in the domain of Helping Relationships.

Catalog Search Tips

Each record in the Library Catalog has been assigned Subject Headings to aid in finding books or films on a particular topic.

Using a KEYWORD search, find a book you like in the Library Catalog. Take a look at the Subjects assigned to the record. Click on the Subjects to find more books.

Finding a Book on the Shelf

Floor Plans & Locations

General Collection books are on Levels 2, 3, and 4, sorted by call number.
Lower Level: Bound Journals

Level 1: Reference Collection

Level 2: Call Numbers A - H; Curriculum Reference, Children's & Young Adult Literature, K-12 Textbooks; Recent issues of journals, newspapers, and magazines.

Level 3: Call Numbers K - QK

Level 4: Call Numbers M (Music) and QL - Z; Media Services Desk