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Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice: Reference Books

Finding Reference Books

Need Reference Books?

Reference Books provide scholarly background information and topic overviews.


On the Library homepage:

  1. Choose the BOOKS& MEDIA tab.
  2. Click on the MORE SEARCH OPTIONS  button.
  3. Type in a keyword, and then select "Reference Collection" from the LIMIT TO list.


General Reference = Level 1. These books are excellent sources of content information for lessons plans.

Curriculum Reference = Level 2. These books are guides to K-12 teaching resources and research.


Library Map & Locations

Why Use Reference?

Reference sources are helpful when beginning your research.

Reference sources…

  • contain summative or introductory information on your topic.
  • help you narrow the focus of your topic.
  • assist with identification of keywords and related terms.
  • often include a list of other sources on the topic.

General Reference Works for Counselor Education

These books cover multiple aspects of counseling:

A Selection of Related Reference Books in TCNJ Library

Handbook of Child Psychology
BF721 .H242 2006
Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology BF636 .E52 2004
Handbook of Contemporary Families HQ536 .H3185 2004
International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family HQ9 .E52 2003
Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology HF5548.8 .E498 2007
Encyclopedia of Career Development
HF5381 .E517 2006
Encyclopedia of Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment, & Recovery RC563.4 .E53 2009
Mental Health in America RA790.6 .K4644 2007            
Encyclopedia of Mental Health
HF5381 .E517 2006
Encyclopedia of Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior Therapy RC489.B4 E485 2005
Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology LB1050.9 .E63 2008
The Handbook of International School Psychology LB1027.55 .H357 2007
Comprehensive Handbook of Multicultural School Psychology LB1027.55 .C655 2005
Encyclopedia of School Psychology